Foreign National Carriers

The transfer of wealth from generation to generation within a family is an important part of financial planning - regardless of where you live. Life insurance benefits can be an integral part of that process. There are wealthy individuals around the world who spend time in the United States, or have significant assets here. They may be eligible to obtain life insurance coverage from select carriers as part of their estate planning.

Opportunity Abounds

The number of high net worth individuals across the world has ballooned by 59% since 2003, more than doubling in the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The number of centa-millionaires - those with US $100m in net assets - has risen by 62%, while the tally of billionaires has climbed by 80% to 1,682, according to Wealth Insight, a leading wealth intelligence firm. 

Source: The Wealth Report 2014

Foreign National availability and requirements may change at any time. Please check with the carrier for up to date information.

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