Company Ratings

Company ratings below may not always be accurate. Always check with the insurance carrier's website or contact us for the latest company ratings.

Last Updated: 10-09-19

Ratings Scale

A.M. Best

A++ (Superior) 

A+ (Superior) 

A (Excellent)

A- (Excellent) 

B++ (Good) 

B+ (Good) 

B (Fair) 

B- (Fair) 

C++ (Marginal) 

C+ (Marginal) 

C (Weak) 

C- (Weak) 

D (Poor) 

E (Under Regulatory Supervision) 

F (In Liquidation) 

S (Rating Suspended)

Standard & Poor's (S&P)

AAA (Extremely Strong) 

AA+ (Very Strong) 

AA (Very Strong) 

AA- (Very Strong) 

A+ (Strong)

A (Strong)

A- (Strong) 

BBB+ (Good) 

BBB (Good) 

BBB- (Good) 

BB+ (Marginal) 

BB (Marginal) 

BB- (Marginal) 

B+ (Weak) 

B (Weak) 

B- (Weak) 

CCC+ (Very Weak) 

CCC (Very Weak) 

CCC- (Very Weak) 

CC (Extremely Weak) 

R (Regulatory Action)


Aaa (Exceptional) 

Aa1 (Excellent) 

Aa2 (Excellent) 

Aa3 (Excellent) 

A1 (Good) 

A2 (Good) 

A3 (Good) 

Baa1 (Adequate) 

Baa2 (Adequate) 

Baa3 (Adequate) 

Ba1 (Questionable) 

Ba2 (Questionable) 

Ba3 (Questionable) 

B1 (Poor) 

B2 (Poor) 

B3 (Poor) 

Caa1 (Very Poor) 

Caa2 (Very Poor) 

Caa3 (Very Poor) 

Ca (Extremely Poor) 

C (Lowest)

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A.M. Best:

Standard & Poor's:


The Comdex ranking is a composite score averaging the ratings of the major insurance rating organizations including A.M. BestFitch, Moody’s and S&P. The Comdex is not, in reality, a rating but rather a ranking based on the average of all the different ratings these different organizations give an insurance company.

The Comdex rating is on a number scale of 1 to 100 with a higher number being the better ranking.  If an insurance company’s Comdex ranking is 80, this means it scores higher than 80% of all other insurance companies with multiple ratings. An insurance company must have ratings from at least two insurance rating organizations to have a Comdex ranking.

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