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is a master general agency that specializes in life insurance, retirement planning, and estate & wealth transfer.
We offer top contracts with multiple carriers and dedicated case support for all of our agents.


More Ways to Qualify for an Allianz Preferred Contract  | August 24, 2012
Did you know that Allianz has a preferred contract in addition to the standard contract? Now is the best time to sign up for preferred because Allianz recently announced several more ways to qualify. See of you can sell the exclusive 360 and 365i products today!

Introducing AGLAChoice Guarantee Plus | July 23, 2012
Give your clients guaranteed life insurance protection and living benefits at an affordable premium.

Preferred agents qualify for the exclusive Allianz 365i, the new fixed index annuity product | May 11, 2012
  • A potential death benefit enhancement for beneficiaries at 25% of all interest credits
  • A 5% premium bonus
  • A 5% plus interest earned income rider

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